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Aloha E Komo MAI
(Hello, Welcome to our Website)

We are a family born and raised in Hawai`i,
operating a home based business in beautiful
Mănoa Valley, on the island of O`ahu, Hawai`i.

After being in business since 1992, we are looking into retiring.
Email us for details in purchasing our established business.

We currently have 100+ designs of Hawaiian every day Greeting Cards.
The art work is done by two artists (Colleen and M'Lou).
The theme of 99% of the cards is Menehunes and Keikis,
which are the following:

Menehunes (me-ne-hu-nees)
Legendary menehunes, delightful elves of Hawai`i,
have been part of local folklore for centuries.
They are friendly and strong, but at times mischievous.
Menehunes care for and nurture all living things in this beautiful paradise,
and live today as the spirit of aloha.

Keiki (kay-key)
In Hawaiian, keiki means child.
The multi-racial background of our children
make them among the world's most beautiful.
Our keikis are the island's greatest treasure.
They are Aloha (love).

Mahalo nui loa
(Thank you very much)


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